The Complete Book of Palmistry

The Complete Book of Palmistry

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Joyce Wilson gives readers the answers to the meaning and function of palmistry. “Complete Book of Palmistry” helps readers understand their own destiny and control it or change it for the better.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Review by for The Complete Book of Palmistry
    This book certainly doesn’t seem to leave much out! Wilson provides lots of pictures and descriptions on examining every inch of the palm, from the mounts to the “bracelets” on the wrists (which, if you have a few, are good luck). You may not have to read another palmistry book again. Definitely a valuable book for anyone interested; worth way more than the cover price.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Review by for The Complete Book of Palmistry
    This book is actually good for the beginners. This book clearly shows where the major and the minor lines are and also the exact location of the mounts. But if you are looking for a book which will help you become an accurate palm reader, then this book is not for you. I noticed that many things written in this book are not true and unscientific. People who bought this book will realize this once they studied their palms and that of others. I recommend “The Benham Book of Palmistry” for serious students.

  3. D. Mokhtar says:

    Review by D. Mokhtar for The Complete Book of Palmistry
    It’s probably just a question of subjective taste for style… but i found reading this book to be alot like a data-collection of facts to memorize i.e. a line in this mount means this, a short section of this finger means that, a finger with this length… etc etc… may have all the facts and data in there but doesn’t make for an enjoyable read, more like a handy book for quick-reference. Doesn’t sort of “build an image up” for you, just alot of facts…

    and of course my consistent pet peeve with most of the books in this genre, no real explanation for the “why” of the issues or how the various “rules” of handreading all come together and are consistent within each other as one complete vision.

    For example, WHY the Life line is appropriate in the Venus mount? or WHY the Head Line is most appropriate through the “Plains of Mars”? Instead you’re told of two separate disconnected “rules”: the Head Line represents ‘x’, the Plains of Mars represent ‘c’, .. and never the twain shall meet….

    Daniel Mokhtar

  4. Edith H. Luman says:

    Review by Edith H. Luman for The Complete Book of Palmistry
    I really enjoyed this book . It ws easy to read and understand. I even did my own hand. I would like to learn to read palms on others so I have this book as a beginnng study guide to practice

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