Fire Hand

Oblong Shaped Palm With Short Fingers

Palmistry Palm Reading - The Fire Hand

The Fire Hand

  • A fire hand consists of an oblong/rectangular shaped palm and short fingers
  • These people are imaginative, enthusiastic, impatient, and versatile
  • They have great ideas, but need to evaluate them carefully to make sure they are practical before starting
  • People with fire hands need to be busy to be happy, they would not last long in any occupation that is too simple or boring.
  • They are much better at seeing the broad picture, rather than the fine details.
  • They work under pressure well, and are able to carry people along with their enthusiastic energy
  • Generous, sociable, and gregarious
  • Fire people are ruled by passion, are volatile lovers, and they are attracted to other fire types. They are also a good match with air types who are self starters and are always coming up with new ideas.
  • Water hands make them feel smothered, and they can tire of earth types.

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