The Four Quadrants

The hand is divided into four quadrants.  If you draw an imaginary line from the middle of the second finger down to the wrist, and then a second line that bisects the first that runs across the palm, you create four quadrants: The active-outer, active-inner, passive-outer, and passive-inner.

Often you will notice that one of the quadrants is more prominent than the others. This may be simply a feeling, while at other times it is obviously more developed than the other quadrants. If all the quadrants appear to be equal, the person has managed to effectively balance the different areas of his or her life.

Palm reading chart - the four quadrants

Palm reading Chart - The Four Quadrants

Active-Outer Quadrant

The active-outer quadrant includes the top part of the thumb, the first finger, and half of the second finger.

  • This relates to the persons goals and aspirations.
  • If prominent, the person will put a great deal of thought and hard work into achieving his or her goals.
  • A prominent active-outer quadrant shows the person is enthusiastic, energetic, persistent, and impatient

Passive-Outer Quadrant

The passive-outer quadrant is the bottom part of the thumb and the mound immediately below it (This mound is called the mount of Venus).

  • This quadrant relates to the physical stamina and sexuality.
  • When this quadrant is well developed the person will have a great deal of energy and stamina, as well as a strong sexual appetite.
  • Conversely, if this area is less developed than the other quadrants, the person will have little interest in physical activities, and will generally lack enthusiasm and energy.

Active-Inner Quadrant

The active-inner quadrant includes the ring finger, little fingers, plus half of the second finger.

  • When this quadrant is emphasized, the person will be interested in learning and the arts.
  • A person with a dominant active-inner quadrant will have little interest in worldly success.

Passive-Inner Quadrant

The passive-inner quadrant is also known as the mount of Luna. It is the quarter of the palm that is directly opposite the thumb.

  • This area is related to the creative subconscious.
  • When well developed, it shows they are imaginative, intuitive, sensitive, and empathic.
  • They will be likely to be involved in some form of creativity.

Some additional factors to consider when performing a free palm reading:

Fleshy Palms

Someone with fleshy, well padded palms enjoy the luxuries of life, and will overindulge once in a while. If the palms feel hard to the touch, they are less interested in indulging, and can stay away from different pleasures if other things are more important. People with palms that are firm to the touch can better handing the ups and downs of life than people with fleshy palms.

Refined and Coarse Hands

Hard physical work does not crate coarse hands. Coarse hands have obvious pores in the skin. These are often more visible on the back of the hand than they are on the palm.

People with coarse hands are perfectly happy as long as their basic needs are being met. They have animal instincts and are extremely thick-skinned.

People with refined hands are more cultured, and appreciate nice things. They want their home and work environments to be as pleasant as possible.

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