About This Palm Reading Guide

You don’t have to be psychic, you don’t have to burn incense and you don’t have to wear a turban to be a distinguished palm reader. The ancient method of reading character and destiny is practiced every day by thousands of ordinary people like you and me.

Until now though, learning palmistry has been difficult, as many books written today are still written the same way as the first book on Western palmistry by Aristotle for Alexander the Great. They are not as easily understood as I am going to do for you here.

I am going to layout the art of palm reading in plain English, complete, fully illustrate guide to reading the story written in anyone’s palm.

Whether your interest is casual or serious, learn how to read palms and be prepared for a rich, rewarding experience when you reach across to woman and say “Show me your palm”

With Strength and Honor
Dino DeAngelo

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