The Head Line

The head line shows the intellect and how the person uses their brain. It does not reveal anything about how intelligent someone is.
It runs horizontal across the hand from the thumb side between the thumb and first finger across to the pinky side. It either is either a straight line, or curves toward the wrist.

On average the head line ends somewhere under the ring finger. It should be clear and well marked.

  • Islands or breaks are indicators of periods when the persons brain was not being utilized properly.
  • A faint head line revels the person is not using all of their mental ability to its full potential.

A straight head line:

  • Shows less imagination, more practical, logical, and down to earth.
  • Indicates clear concentrated thinking.

A curved head line:

  • The person is imaginative and creative.
  • The more the line curves, the more imaginative the person will be.

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