Water Hand

Oblong or Rectangular Shaped Palm with Long Fingers

Palmistry Palm Reading - The Water Hand

The Water Hand

  • The water hand is the shape that is loved by artists, but not overly practical in daily life.
  • People with waters hands lead rich emotional lives, and are imaginative and sensitive.
  • Be careful when reading the palms of a water hand, there sensitive nature will lead them to put much weight on little details of the reading beyond the intention of the palmist. Choose your words carefully.
  • They have engaging personalities, intelligent and are prone to being influenced to change a project or abandon it altogether, leaving them at a complete loss of direction.
  • They do well in any career that involves creativity and a strong aesthetic sense.
  • Idealistic and feel constantly let down by the actions of people of hands of a different shape than theirs.
  • Receptive, changeable, and impressionable, they are also sympathetic and have a great love for all living things.
  • They give the impression of being in control and calm, but inwardly suffer from nervous tension and worry.

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