The Shape Of The Hand

The Shape of the Palm

When reading someones palm, you can tell a lot about them, just from the general shape of the hand.

There are 2 classifications of palms:

Square Palm

A square palm like in the image above belong to practical, capable, down to earth type people. They enjoy being challenged and are hard workers when comes to achieving their goals. They have lots of energy and stamina.

Oblong Palm

These are artists hands, long and shapely. The palm is oblong or rectangular in shape.Oblong palms are not as practical as square hands. People with oblong shaped hands are the dreamers. They love coming up with ideas, but the ideas seldom put into action and usually remain daydreams. People with oblong palms are usually creative, gentle, and idealistic.

Finger Length

Finger length is categorized into short and long.

Most of the time the finger length can easily be determined just by looking at their proportion to the palm.

Sometime it may be difficult to tell, in this case have the person fold their fingers over the palm. If the fingers reach farther than seven-eighths of the way down the palm they would be considered long.

Short Fingers

These people become impatient with other people who take all day. The like to get in, get the job done, and get out asap. They are usually better starters than finishers and tend to multitask a lot. They pay less attention to details and prefer the overall view.

Short fingered people take on a number of different tasks at the same time, and enjoy being busy.

They are better at starting than finishing.

Long Fingers

People with long fingers are patient and like to take their time to finish a job properly.

They Like tasks that are involved detailed, and like finishing what they start.

Long fingered people are responsible and conscientious, they like to get down to the bottom of things to understand what makes them work.

*Knowledge of finger length alone can be useful to you in your daily life:

When waiting in line at the grocery store, choose the line with a cashier with short fingers. That person’s line will move more quickly than that of a long-fingered cashier who will want to double-check everything. The short fingered cashier will want to deal with people as quickly as possible, and won’t worry about balancing the cash until the end of the shift.

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