The Heart Line

The heart line runs across the palm closest to the fingers. It starts at the side of the palm below the little finger, proceeds across the hand, and finishes in the area of the first or second fingers. It is one of the most important lines, as it revels the persons emotions and events that are related to love.

Here are some simple ways to read the heart line

Where does the heart line end?

There are generally 3 possibilities

1) A heart line that ends below the first finger

  • means the person is overly idealistic, and is likely to feel let down and disappointed at times by the action of others.

2) A heart line ending below the second finger

  • This person will be concerned only with their own needs and will not have much interest in the needs of others.
  • They tend to have a lack of emotional involvement.

3) Their heart line ends between the first and second fingers

  • This gives a balance between extreme idealism and selfishness.
  • They can be realistic while keeping both feet planed firmly on the ground.
  • They are concerned not only with their own needs, but will also be interested int he needs of others.

Does the Heart Line Curve or remain reasonably Straight?

  • If the line curves at the end, it is known as a physical heart line.
  • A line that runs straight across the palm is known as a mental heart line
  • In a sense, the physical heart line is proactive, while the mental heart line is reactive.

Physical Heart Lines

  • This line will commonly end  close to the base of the first two fingers, or somewhere in between them.
  • People with physical heart lines express their innermost needs and feelings very easily.
  • They are confident and assertive in the way they express themselves.
  • When things go wrong, they pick themselves up quickly and carry on

Mental Heart Lines

  • A mental heart line runs straight across and does not curve towards teh fingers at the end.
  • These people have a difficult time expressing their innermost feelings.
  • They need to be told all the time that they are loved and desired.
  • They are sensitive and easily hurt.
  • This is the type of person who bottles up their feelings and will suffer in silence rather than make a scene.

Does the Heart Line have a fork at the end?

Some people’s heart line splits in two at the end.

  • This shows the person has some of the qualities of both the physical an mental heart lines.
  • They will have complex emotional natures.
  • People with forks at the end of the life line are able to see opposing points of view

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