Palm Reading – A Perfect Match

Find your soulmate by studying their hands.
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13. Palm Reading Tutorial GreatestIceBreakerEver (GIBE) DVD

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Johnny Fincham – Palmistry Part 1 of 4

Kendra chats to Johnny Fincham about Palmistry. Finding out if our future really is in our hands or is it simply an old wives tale. Kendra is told some spot on stuff that Johnny could never have known.

Read your palm ! – only 7 minutes lectured by Japanese Ninja

This is the secret of my business. You are so lucky today.Because,after 7 minutes,you will be fortune teller.Check it out! This is my another lesson,check now. I made many lectures of palm reading in my YouTube channel.If you understand Japanese,please check other movies,too. My video is very popular in Japan. Now,more than 200000 people watch and study this lectures.
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Inside Palm Reading Secrets Revealed Do you want to learn what your hands can tell you about your personality with the ancient art of palmistry? Take a look inside palm reading with Per Hogseth the acclaimed psychic palm reader from Norway as he explains how to explore the universe residing within your own hands.
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Palmistry & Palm Reading Secrets

The secrets of the hand revealed! Teaches you on how to read the hand shapes and lines. Palmistry and palm reading for anyone who wants to learn. Amazing clarity of presentation.