Earth Hand

The earth hand is a square palm and short fingers

How To Read Palms - The Earth Hand

How To Read Palms - The Earth Hand

  • Usually an earth hand will have few, although well marked lines.
  • Earth hands enjoy being busy, and working with their hands.
  • They tend to be careful, practical, reliable and solid.
  • Earth hands also tend to be impatient, suspicious, easily roused, and critical.
  • They usually prefer a quieter lifestyle away from the hustle and bustle, and enjoy the outdoors.
  • The feeling of soil, and working with the earth in some way is enjoyable to them, this leads them to usually enjoy a long, healthy, and fruitful lives.
  • The tend to be overly cautious, especial if they are not in the best of moods

On a good day some of the better traits of a person with earth hands are reliability, a constructive attitude, and tolerance. When they are having a bad day, they tend to be domineering, materialistic, and insensitive. They may have issues with change, and adopting to new situations.

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