Read your palm ! – only 7 minutes lectured by Japanese Ninja

This is the secret of my business. You are so lucky today.Because,after 7 minutes,you will be fortune teller.Check it out! This is my another lesson,check now. I made many lectures of palm reading in my YouTube channel.If you understand Japanese,please check other movies,too. My video is very popular in Japan. Now,more than 200000 people watch and study this lectures.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. KeAndriaISAwesome says:

    the end was disturbing

  2. rosin40 says:

    my liiiiiiiife line is disconnected and reconnected D:< IDK WHAT DOES THAT MEAN

  3. mmoneyitswhereitsat says:

    whats up with the acid trip music at the end?

  4. MrJimWinter says:

    v=Evjig8S2sGU The fingers !!

  5. Tacola8 says:

    fake its writing AllA from left to right from right to left.
    its a arabic number 81+18= 99 Names of Allah.
    You say AllA when you say Allah.

  6. nadeeen092 says:

    what about if my life libe crosses the basic line? :S

  7. cellulitelove says:

    thank you very helpful!

  8. Misseatsalot says:

    bonk sound effects XD

  9. aryannaweis says:

    great video, easy to understand and informative! i NOW HAVE A BEGINNING!

  10. hafidmary says:

    thanks for this

  11. peterpan2k says:

    this is good to pick up chicks, but you can not stay on it for too long or they’ll label you as a psychic freak

  12. zomgbbqwth says:

    and then you get hit by a car and died on the way to hospital~ :D

  13. Sagara113 says:

    this video is dumb

  14. SteveDutchy says:

    that’s how it is ;)

  15. 7HR0WBACK says:

    very good topic to start a conversation with girls ;)

  16. turqouiseorchid88 says:

    very good… but he sounded more french toward the end

  17. hfsgirl says:

    1-Copy and Paste this message? to 8? other? videos
    2-Go to your? channel and? look at you background

  18. dodododojane690 says:

    my life line is very long,my health is good,and myheart is real good

    which meens…..

    i am a long living person that will be strong and close to rich….

  19. TheGooberment says:

    i am a very emotional person

  20. 9CRoC4 says:

    my life line would reach,but not over reach it…it would be exactly there^^
    the same with my head line.

  21. ssj04 says:

    he try to sound Japanese but he sound like Borat. lmao hahaha

  22. piskywolf says:

    lol . wtf, such a fake accent….

  23. madguiarplayer says:

    hey you! who are wou? when were you signed? A Soviet spy?

  24. kandafuryx3 says:

    i got all the bad ones *pout*
    but its sooo truee

  25. DJOpaixMusic says:

    according to this video, the sample hand that is being used, that person is a strong loving romanticist who is in bad shape? XD

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