13. Palm Reading Tutorial GreatestIceBreakerEver (GIBE) DVD

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  1. par03082697 says:

    Ok dude, this palm reading that your showing is crap it does not even make sense and all the lines are wrong

  2. punishment32 says:

    By asking, the only thing you are indicating is that you wish for her to respond with an answer. In no way do you indicate that there is a way to find out by simply asking “how many kids do you want to have?” Anyway, I’ve done this exact routine myself and recieved only positive results, yet, the results are much better when you add an element of playfullness. This is true to almost every aspect of interaction within the pick up. So if you missed it…. I DO get it!

  3. jologs21 says:

    not enough. lol sorry. not enough info

  4. straightrazr says:

    youre not getting it….

    by asking, youre indicating that theres a way to find out. this has to be from a dude – these are all techniques tested with solid results over many, many experiences with lots of different women in many situations.

  5. straightrazr says:

    yes – that’s on the sequel.

  6. sheep41 says:

    yeah but i bet it works… i wont question that!

  7. mrcuteblackie says:

    The names of those lines are wrong: the arrows are wronly placed!!!

  8. clebervic says:

    i got my palm read 1nce and she said i was gona die young and lonely. well she got the lonely part right, but im as healthy as horse.

  9. punishment32 says:

    Dont ask how many kids are you gonna have, EVER! Instead SAY, You look like you want to have tons of kids, Like A FOOTBALL team of kids! and then lead her to her actual response. you come off boring with just asking a question.

  10. jinkies59 says:

    What total hogwash! He’s got the lines all wrong. I don’t know who taught this guy to “read palms”, but they lied to him.

  11. shaashiie says:

    Ok, as a girl I can say this is total bullshit. If you show a girl you aren’t meant to be together you’re going to turn her off completely, she may still act interested at the time to be polite but she’s not going to be interested. Unless she’s a whore, did you make a video on how to read between a girls legs for signs of STDs?

  12. straightrazr says:

    thanks for sharing!


  13. straightrazr says:

    sure! take your tarot cards everywhere! to the beach, on a boat, at the bar, walking down the street, in an elevator…

    or learn palm reading. its the prop thats always with you, more natural in my opinion

    though im way into tarot cards…i dont recommend them for ice breaking. gotta be careful with props

  14. straightrazr says:

    not a palm reading blogsite – buy the DVD to get all the details!

  15. straightrazr says:

    by the video and get all the details! this is just a teaser.

  16. straightrazr says:

    Are you sure you heard him right? The storklines dont tell you how many kids you HAVE, but how many you WILL HAVE. Get back to us in 20 years – thanks for the feedback!


  17. cryptic125 says:

    hmmm… i should use this thanks dude

  18. CaminandoconMaria says:

    Esto es abobinable ante la precensia de Dios arrepientete de este grave pecado.Cree en el seƱor JESUS Y te salvaras tu y toda tu familia. Vendisiones de Jesus y de Maria ellos te aman no quieren tu condenasion.

  19. cobaltdan9 says:

    i seriously doubt palm reading was meant to pick up chicks….

  20. sidpupwo says:

    very informative. thanks

  21. LivDelicious says:

    Thats interesting straightrazr!
    I had a guy hitting on me and he told me that I have 3 kids – Because I have 3 lines at the storklines place.
    I don’t have any children!
    I guess he was student of yours. He did a great Ice braking job! Looks like you are empowering people to believe in approaching women. Great for you and for them!
    Just, its funny that he was not very accurate:-)

  22. straightrazr says:

    you know these digs crack me up. first to see guys so quick to cut down things others share that have been successful, sitting there its easy to put others down for taking a chance.

    just used this very technique (part of the overall GreatestIceBreakerEver) this weekend with a girl and got AMAZING results. She called me the next day, asked me out. Really cool.

    Guys reading these digs – learn the system yourself – then YOU be the judge. Its been incredibly successful for me.

  23. straightrazr says:

    Ive noted earlier there are many books and passages on palm reading – the materials I put forth are based on a wider consensus of guides to palmreading. More importantly I offer up a simplified system so one can learn and convey it to others in social settings quite easily. Thats really important!

  24. bowtie350vette says:

    Ha! Other people call the presented “lifeline” a headline and the presented “loveline” a “lifeline” by others… Who is right???? BS!!

  25. straightrazr says:

    thanks for the comment! I do (ask how many kids are you going to have), as a matter of fact.

    Guess what? its something on every woman’s mind – and the ability to tell her is one of the strongest ways to break the ice in social situations available!

    dont ask me – ask the hundreds of guys weve trained on this system out there!

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