The Palmistry Bible: The Definitive Guide to Hand Reading (… Bible)

The Palmistry Bible: The Definitive Guide to Hand Reading (… Bible)

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Since ancient times, seers have used palm reading to predict the future. But as you’ll discover in this illuminating volume, it’s also a wonderful technique for self-exploration and personal growth. The shape of your hand–its whorls, fingerprints, lines, mounts, and other geographic features–reveal untold truths about your personality and destiny. Using the extraordinarily detailed images as a guide, find out how to identify and interpret those features. Do you have the potential for a passion

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  1. Haggenmueller Oliver says:

    Review by Haggenmueller Oliver for The Palmistry Bible: The Definitive Guide to Hand Reading (… Bible)
    With this book, you’ll get an easy and straight-forward introduction into the art of palmistry. That is, you’ll understand how to read the hands from its physical characteristics, however this is all that you’ll learn. There is an element of experience that you’ll have to acquire for yourself that the book couldn’t possibly teach you.

    As far as the book is concerned, however, you’ll find clear and concise information that will make it easy to learn the techniques and to look up things quickly. And although the pages are very thick, making the book quite heavy, the format does allow for it to be taken around.

    There are of course many illustrations, and although there are some very minor errors, on the whole the information given here is good. Four stars are therefore awarded for this book.

  2. boudicca says:

    Review by boudicca for The Palmistry Bible: The Definitive Guide to Hand Reading (… Bible)
    I’ve been a serious student of cheiromancy for some 40 years now. I’ve read just about every book that’s come down the pike. This book isn’t very good and it certainly is no “Bible.”

    If marketed as a beginners guide, it would be more appropriate. This book covers only the basic variations of lines you will find in the palm with too many broad generalizations.

    What I think is really misleading is that this book is supposed to be designed for someone who wants to read palms for a living! I would run from anyone who charged me if this book was the only source of their knowledge.

  3. Reading my way thru life says:

    Review by Reading my way thru life for The Palmistry Bible: The Definitive Guide to Hand Reading (… Bible)
    I’ve always been intrigued by the lines etched in my palms. I’ve bought two other books in this “Bible; Definitive Guide” Series and loved them. I looked at this book several times in the store before I finally decided to buy it. Once I got it home, I couldn’t wait to dive in and find out the meanings behind the lines.

    After spending time with this and going back over and studying it, I think it’s very informative, the pictures are easy to understand and very helpful. While it does contain a good bit of basic information, it also gives you an excellent overview and starting point on this subject. Palmistry seems like a very broad subject and I do have more questions than this book alone answers. Obviously, it cannot cover it all, but it was a great introduction for me. This is a good reference book to have on Palmistry. As with all of these ‘Bible; Definitive Guides,’ I do think it’s a great value for the amount of information and illustrations it contains.

    I didn’t buy this in the hopes of becoming a professional at this, or even reading for others. Although, I would think it would be an extremely interesting career. I’m just curious by nature and have always wondered what secrets and stories these lines contain and could reveal.

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