Need help trying to figure out my “palm reading” 10 pts!!?

Question by tink123: Need help trying to figure out my “palm reading” 10 pts!!?
Ok so yes, i do believe in this stuff and the girl who did I believe really knew what she was doing, she said i had 3 life lines, was a warrior in a previous life ( I cannot watch war movies, they scare me to death, and I have nightmares often about war/terriosts, could I have possibly died in battle?? she was unaware any of this) she said i have “SLIGHT” physic abilities, i will have 2 major loves and 1 minor, i am very passionate, I have musical abilities that have not been utilized yet, i will have 2 major “occurences” in my life (not sure what that means at all) and that i will live 3 seperate lives for a long period of time…that really condfused me, what could this mean? Oh, and that I will always have money probs. Anyone into palm reading, or any of this, or even have any insight please leave me a response, this actually has me worried…(the whole 3 sep. lives thing freaks me out, i dont know if this is good or bad)
If you do not BELIEVE in palm reading dont leave a freakin’ answer, all the offensive answers i get I am reporting as a abuse.
the first 3 answers have already been reported as abuse, DO NOT mock my beliefs

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Answer by JC
youre palm reads….”you live and you die”

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