Runic Palmistry

Runic Palmistry

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Think about the many different things you do with your hands each day: eating, writing, gesturing, caressing a loved one. Now take a close look at your hand. Is your palm round or square? The shape reveals your instinctive reactions to life. Square hands are generally “thinkers,” while round hands are more likely to be “feelers.” Are your fingers short and plump or long and thin? Your fingers reveal how you approach the world around you.

The hand is the visible agent of the brain—

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  1. Anthony M. Razzano says:

    Review by Anthony M. Razzano for Runic Palmistry
    I have a large library of palmistry books, and seldom buy a new one nowadays, as most of them are rehashes of older books. Consequently, I was delighted and surprised to discover “Runic Palmistry”, which looks at the subject in a completely different way. The author writes well, and includes some delightful anecdotes to help illustrate the different points he wishes to make. The book is a joy to read, and easy to learn from. It’s exactly as if Mr St. Germain was sitting down with you talking about runic palmistry. I found it fascinating, informative, and unputdownable. The author will not remember me, but many years ago he read my palm. Afterwards I told him he should write a book as he was so incredibly accurate in everything he told me. I am thrilled that he has finally done it. If you are even remotely interested in palmistry, or want to learn about a little-known system that is incredibly insightful, you need this book. I will be referring to this book often, along with the classic texts of William Benham, Fred Gettings, Ron Martin and Richard Webster.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Review by for Runic Palmistry
    …verbally from teacher to student. I first learned to read palms from my grandmother based on a Russian Gypsy tradition. Some traditions are lucky enough to make it into print. This book helped expand my knowledge base immensely. It was also an adventure comparing notes between Jon’s learning and my own. This book is very well written and clearly understandable without all the techno-babble found in a lot of others. Clearly a book within grasp of the average reader. Jon’s method of blending the two disciplines of Runes and Palmistry is fascinating as well as informative. There are those nay sayers that say it can’t or shouldn’t be done. But remember, until it was proven and accepted, there were those that swore the world was flat. My world is round, how’s yours? A great book, a great read, a great author.

  3. Carmen T. Ward says:

    Review by Carmen T. Ward for Runic Palmistry
    This is an excellent book and got me hooked on this fascinating subject. I always considered palmistry a bit of “smoking mirror” trickery, but was convinced otherwise.
    The text is easy to read, easy to understand and well written, which kept me interested. Unlike other books on subjects of magick and divination, etc. that were either too technical or dull, this one allows to stay focused and fascinated.
    I highly recommend this book for anyone who is interested in palmistry and the runes.

  4. Anthony M. Razzano says:

    Review by Anthony M. Razzano for Runic Palmistry
    I finished Runic Palmistry yesterday and it is excellent. The book is
    exceptionally well written and St Germain’s writing style is a
    pleasure to read. When reading the book, I felt like he was sitting at
    my dining room table talking to me over coffee. The book will hold the
    interest of anyone who is interested in new age/intuitive topics. It
    explains a handed down from generation to generation art of
    interpreting what the palm reveals in a entirely refreshing way. And
    now the knowledge of this age old art is available to all.This book is for sincere people who are interested in
    learning age old wisdom. My heartiest endoresment!

  5. Samuel Hawley says:

    Review by Samuel Hawley for Runic Palmistry
    Having been fortunate enough to see an advance copy of the work “Runic Palmistry” by reknowned master palmist Jon Saint-Germain, I can honestly say that I am tremendously impressed. Mr.St.Germain’s style is extremely easy to read and shares an absolute wealth of information. He has an easy going humorous style of writing that is simply fun to read. His manner shows that he doesn’t take himself too seriously, it’s much like chatting with a familiar old friend. But don’t let that fool you, friend, he does demonstrate a gift for the working of the palmist’s craft in his in depth understanding of the art. He goes into great detail, without becoming dry or a Doctoral thesis length tome. He classifies and qualifies while telling some of the most amusing tales of his findings.And he even goes into great detail about the creation,care and proving of your own set of working runes. Finally he shares some truly inspired readings of actual clients using the system at the end. I must admit that I was at first skeptical of the blending of Cheiromancy (palmistry) and the reading of Runes but after an evenings study and reflection I discovered that they did indeed go “hand in hand” as it were. This system is quite easy to first see ,then understand and finally put into practice. I began using it in my practice and have actually had sitters(clients) tell me that they were more impressed with the “NEW” style I had begun using. Get this book. It will be an investment (a very small one at the … cover price)in a bold new way of looking at an ancient art form. It’s like meeting an old friend…for the first time.

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