Q&A: does anyone know the secret to “palm reading?”?

Question by sw1thugangel73: does anyone know the secret to “palm reading?”?

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Answer by restless_angel73
I don’t know that there’s any secret to it, per se. Just looking at the lines, shape, temperature, and condition of the skin of the hand. also flexibility of the fingers and thumb, whether or not the hand is damp or dry, etc… From there it’s just knowing how to interpret it.

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  1. leftie1959 says:

    I know the secret but what is the purpose of your question ?

  2. sunny s says:

    go to yahoo india in that open horoscope they have a palm reading .

  3. Pam R says:


    The secret to Palmistry is the same as any other divination or guidance tool – a clear, calm mind.


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