Palmistry – What Your Heart Line Says – Part 2

Palmistry – What Your Heart Line Says – Part 2

See if your heart line is broken or forked anywhere in between. If no, then ok. But if it is broken, you are likely to have trouble in your relationships. If it is forked, there may be a break-up in your relationship some time. If your heart line is straight, you will always have intense feelings in love. You will be practical in love but hard to get along with at times. If the heart line is curved, you are likely to have an open, flexible nature. You may be warm, pleasant and accessible in your relationship. If there are chain-like designs, you will have an inconsistent love life filled with flirtations.

Lets see about what the looks of the heart line say. If the heart line appears deep, you are likely to be emotional in love. Your heart rules your head in this case. If the line appears faint, you are likely to be unemotional in love. Your head rules your heart in this case. Find out the position of the heart line on the palm. If it is higher towards the fingers, you are likely to be cold-hearted and less passionate. You are likely to be calculating in all love matters. If it is on the lower side, you are likely to be extremely passionate and romantic. He/she will be lucky to have you.

See if your heart line touches your life line. If yes, bad! You are quite likely to get deeply hurt by your love. If no, don’t worry too much. See if small lines branch out from the heart line or not? If they point upwards, your love life will have moments of wonderful happiness. If they point downwards, you will likely have a few moments of disappointment in your love life. If you see a star-like formation on the heart line you are lucky because your marriage will be very successful.

If you have analyzed this much, most of your love life will be clear to you according to your heart line.

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