Palmistry & Palm Reading Secrets

The secrets of the hand revealed! Teaches you on how to read the hand shapes and lines. Palmistry and palm reading for anyone who wants to learn. Amazing clarity of presentation.

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  1. lay4life says:

    I have hand #2,and even more small lines then you see on the video,OMG my fucking life,believe me,i’m worries about everything, i’m thinking toooo much, i used to smoke cannabis before and nearly die from it, i’m only 25 but inside my head is crazy staff going,i didn’t realise that staff before but now i do,i got beatifull girl, mom at home,i’m pretty boy,got no money, no proper job,don’t want anyone to tell me what to do, i’m illegal immigrant and i’m stock completly,is any help around for me?!

  2. nitinkumarpalmist says:

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  3. nitinkumarpalmist says:

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  4. rolutos says:

    @stretchy07 That’s rather what went through my mind.

  5. MrJimWinter says:

    v=Evjig8S2sGU The fingers !!


    @sunnylagoon agree

  7. Zisaar says:

    very nice accent

  8. rockangle says:

    i have saqureish palm,long fingers and i have strong lines and vary few little lines ^_^

  9. honveer says:

    Thanks man, this vedio was quite informative.

  10. CassiRaye1 says:

    why are you dumb people watching this video if you think its bull shit? Go sit on your thumbs and rotate you lifeless goons.

  11. Numinds2012 says:

    I think the reader should have used pairs of darker hands because the ones he used- you can barley see the lines at all.

  12. Sconz32 says:

    bunch of bullshit but it’s fun and girls like it, so thanks.

  13. nancyX28 says:

    I have saqureish and circleish palm I got short fingers

  14. UnitedIStAnD2014 says:

    i have long fingers square palm and im stressted :D

  15. nickav1987 says:

    fuck this shit you are who u are regardless of your hand or finger shape. fuck you

  16. SweetTouch93 says:

    LMAO! In Canada that’s how they pronounce THREE, too. -.-

  17. halo3fallout3 says:

    he,s saying “number tree”lmao

  18. kristianak1994 says:

    oh wow .
    im the stressed One .

  19. aLLaIzAmEiPoPz18 says:

    there is a book about palmistry…. those are almost true …….i tried that…. haha
    there doesnt have a way of palmistry to tell what is your judgement its on the person who does and act to like it….

  20. njj37 says:

    no lines show its almost like asking what lines show if u like mustard or ketchup i dont think palmitry could tell you what ur judgments are

  21. slickjames1 says:


  22. thambati3 says:

    very funny

  23. gkraz says:

    There are no lines to tell you that you’re gay. The best way is to snap a photo of your anal opening and see if there are stretch lines. Those will tell you that you were destined to be gay. Stretch lines represent the amount of times you have been penetrated. I hope this will be a good help.

  24. superstephanie101 says:

    kool i wanted to subscribe to this video but it needs more info!

  25. purplerosez007 says:

    some people do. I think you read it like two of the lines grew into each other and combined as one line.

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