Palm Reading Course Online

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Palm Reading Course Online

Your hand lines tell a lot about you. Whether you are a real genius, a great writer or a gifted businessman who can turn everything he touches to gold. Palm reading is not fortune telling. Your palm is actually is the mirror of your hand. Palmistry cannot tell you until what age you will continue to live. Anyone who can read your palm can say with some good percentage of accuracy what is your nature and which is the right course to success in life and achievement of your life’s ambitions. Your hand lines tell a lot about your potentials. Only if you know how to read or make use of the services of a palmist you can plan your life making use of every potential in you.

To read your hand you must know palmistry. Fortunately palmistry can be learned online now. There are several websites offering to teach palmistry. One is the It is one of the most comprehensive websites for learning the art. In the introductory palm reading article it explains how to start the palm reading and the main features of the art. First you have to select the palm to be read. Normally both hands are to be studied. If they give you a conflicting reading, the dominant hand prevails. The dominant hand means the hand with which you write and do things like throwing a stone. It is the lines on the palm which are the most important feature that is to be read.

The art of interpreting the lines on the palm is called chiromancy. Chirognomy is the classification of the hands according to their size and shape. The texture of the skin, length of the fingers and the shape and size of the nails also are taken into account in chirognomy. The characteristics of people having the same size and shape of hands are generally found to be the same. The study of the lines and the pattern of the skin is called dermatoglyphics. These three, chiromancy, chirognomy and dermatoglyphics together are called chirology.

Now let us examine some of the features of palmistry. Those who are right handed are considered to be logical thinkers. They are very good at arriving at logical conclusions. The left handed are creative people. They make good artists and literary people. People with long fingers are academic, analytical and give more attention to details, while those with short fingers are very much practical people. The length of a finger in comparison with other fingers also matters. A middle finger standing out very prominently among all fingers shows that the person is of a very serious nature. One who has an emotional balance will have the tip of the ring finger in line with the bottom of the nail of the middle finger.

Palm reading is good tool to attract the attention of others in a gathering. If you are serious about making money you can charge for palm reading by the hour. Going to the web is the easiest and cheapest way to learn palm reading.

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