Need help trying to figure out my “palm reading” 10 pts!!?

Question by tink123: Need help trying to figure out my “palm reading” 10 pts!!?
Ok so yes, i do believe in this stuff and the girl who did I believe really knew what she was doing, she said i had 3 life lines, was a warrior in a previous life ( I cannot watch war movies, they scare me to death, and I have nightmares often about war/terriosts, could I have possibly died in battle?? she was unaware any of this) she said i have “SLIGHT” physic abilities, i will have 2 major loves and 1 minor, i am very passionate, I have musical abilities that have not been utilized yet, i will have 2 major “occurences” in my life (not sure what that means at all) and that i will live 3 seperate lives for a long period of time…that really condfused me, what could this mean? Oh, and that I will always have money probs. Anyone into palm reading, or any of this, or even have any insight please leave me a response, this actually has me worried…(the whole 3 sep. lives thing freaks me out, i dont know if this is good or bad)
If you do not BELIEVE in palm reading dont leave a freakin’ answer, all the offensive answers i get I am reporting as a abuse.
the first 3 answers have already been reported as abuse, DO NOT mock my beliefs

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Answer by JC
youre palm reads….”you live and you die”

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  1. wbusykat4 says:

    The Bible says that “God is not the author of confusion.” Personally, I think that the concept of past lives is a possibility.

    I am a Christian with an open mind and that means that my opinions on here are rejected by everyone. But I have to be honest with you.

    Whether you have lived past lives or not isn’t the issue. What you do in THIS life is what counts right now!!

    Don’t get caught up in the past. Get into your life…this present life…and live it to the fullest!

  2. Tired1 the Atheist of Atheists says:


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