Introduction To Palm Reading

Introduction To Palm Reading

Palmistry is an ancient science prevalent since thousands of years. It has been confirmed from the ancient books of India, Greece, etc. Palmistry not only involves reading of the lines present on the palm but it also involves study of the shape of fingers, hands, etc. If you go to a palm reader, he/she is more likely to ask you to put your dominant hand forward. If you are right-handed, it will be your right hand and vice versa. This is the general practice followed since years.

The three most important lines on your palm are heart line, head line and life line. The heart line is situated below the fingers. The heart line is the indicator of your emotional state and loving disposition. It determines how your relationships will be. Below your heart line will be the head line in the middle of your palm. The head line determines the degree of intelligence, wisdom and mental strength in you. In short it rules your brain. The third most important line is below the heart line and is called the life line. It’s a myth that the length of the life line defines the length of your life. So if your life line is short, do not think that you will fall dead one fine day. The life line is an indicator of your health state, body strength, stamina and zest for life. The three lines will tell you so much about a person that looking at other lines becomes quite secondary.

Other important lines include fate line, fame line, money line, marriage line, etc. Even the depth of lines, color of lines, branches, etc. mean a lot in the study of the palm. You can read up a lot on palmistry yourself from the famous book by Cheiro. You can understand the concepts and science behind palmistry. Palmistry is a science which cannot be learnt over night. But you can gain more understanding about how your palm is read. Maybe it can help you live your life better.

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