Inside Palm Reading Secrets Revealed Do you want to learn what your hands can tell you about your personality with the ancient art of palmistry? Take a look inside palm reading with Per Hogseth the acclaimed psychic palm reader from Norway as he explains how to explore the universe residing within your own hands.
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  1. blissfullness93 says:

    @HeyahhPeoplex yeah, i never believed in palm reading (though my friend read mine today.. and everyone elses) and i noticed i got an increase of lines on my palm since i was a kid.

  2. blissfullness93 says:

    @ibjamed me neither!

  3. GuidanceForYou says:


    Yeah, it change, you can check it and compare…and you can see..

  4. blahblahsilvz78 says:


  5. CrazyJuni says:

    fate line i think starts more in the moddle of yur palm he jus drew it high

  6. NaturalMystic101 says:

    my life line is short and hardly visible :(

  7. rubonxz says:

    @fullmeataled123 i dont have one too

  8. iwasboredwoo says:

    k i have really wierd lines… and i dont have a fate line. my heart line goes straight across my whole hand. my life line starts at the base of my pointer finger and goes diagonally down in a relativly straight line.

  9. fullmeataled123 says:

    omg no fate line is that good i dont have one…

  10. TheOrangePanda says:

    believe it or not guys but this stuff can get you laid

  11. SashcBahh says:

    Yeah i dont have a fate line??

  12. Tacola8 says:

    fake its writing AllA from left to right from right to left.
    its a arabic number 81+18= 99 Names of Allah.
    You say AllA when you say Allah.

  13. SpinDashpro says:

    Whao! That is me! I read my palm and it sounds like me!

  14. xMissRetrox says:

    I don’t have a fate line, but all of the other lines he talked about I do have. The way he described how ithe lines can be straight or curved, depending on who you are was extremely accurate for me :) It’s exactly who I am!

  15. fatimahkhanom07 says:

    @rajanpro are you dead? no life lol

  16. Timmay123456789 says:

    oohhhh my god this shit is such a joke LOL

  17. xxcherriblossemxx says:

    waaait there only wrinkles … where ur scrunch ur hand up srunch ur han and they will get more clear and blonder and thinkers and move dark when ur a baby its very light but with is because its been there so long it meansthere just wrinkles this is all bullshuit about wat there saying dont listen to them



  19. invokd0826 says:

    can u explain to me the bracelets?

  20. nannylooloo says:

    omG i have no faith line ….

  21. 021Babygurl0121 says:

    palm reading is true people with broken short lines do end up dying in a accident

  22. ImJustCommenting says:

    this was the most accurate reading ever.

  23. BratzFamilyAdventure says:

    @BambinoStudley That means your going to die, too soon!

  24. hbunn5 says:

    This was so accurate. Completely dead on.

  25. rajanpro says:

    I have no life line :S

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