Chinese Medical Palmistry: Your Health in Your Hand

Chinese Medical Palmistry: Your Health in Your Hand

This book is an introduction to Chinese medical diagnosis through inspecting the hands in general and the fingernails in particular. In Chinese medicine, it is believed that every part of the body is a hologram. This means that there is a map of the entire body on each part of the body and that changes in one area of the body can indicate disease processes in another area of the body. This book begins with a brief history of Chinese medical palmistry. This is followed two books. Book one di

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Cheiro’s Guide To The Hand

He was the Jeane Dixon of the early 20th century, psychic advisor to world-famous names in politics, entertainment, and royalty. In this 1900 work, a smaller companion to his now-classic Language of the Hand, Cheiro introduces us to the paranormal realm he most often utilized: palm reading, also known as cheiromancy (from which he borrowed his stage name). From what the size and shape of the thumb says about a person’s character-as much as those of the nose do!-to interpreting the lines of t

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  1. Midwest Book Review says:

    Review by Midwest Book Review for Chinese Medical Palmistry: Your Health in Your Hand
    In Chinese medical lore, every feature of the body is believed to contain a kind of hologram of the entire organism, just as Western medicine asserts that each cell contains the genetic code of the entire body. For centuries, Chinese medical practitioners believed that health and disease could be accurately diagnosed from an examination of the shape of the hand, the mounds and lines on the palm, and the fingernails. In Chinese Medical Palmistry, the authors have compiled a number of Chinese sourced information drawing from their extensive skills and experience as an American acupuncturist and a professional Chinese translator. Chinese Medical Palmistry is designed for use by professional health care practitioners (acupuncturists, chiropractors, naturopaths, and medical doctors) to aid them in their diagnosis of patients. It also has a great deal of value for non-specialist general readers with an interest in alternative medicine, their own constitutions, and curiosity as to their own health as reflected and revealed in their own hands.

  2. Self-taught says:

    Review by Self-taught for Cheiro’s Guide To The Hand
    This book is a reproduction of the original work in the 1800′s. The original work’s pictures perhaps were better.However, in this reproduction, the plates to which the author refers constantly, are very poor, reproduced in a very tiny size, you hardly can see the lines or features to whcih the author refers the reader to see. Since this is crucial to understand the menaining of the lines of the hand, I feel this is very unfortunate in this book. The only good drawing, were you clearly can see the author’s writings is the one in the front cover. I had to look at it constantly in order to understand what the author was talking about, the inside pictures were of little help.

  3. Santosh Wadekar says:

    Review by Santosh Wadekar for Cheiro’s Guide To The Hand
    Cheiro’s Guide To The Hand

    A very good informative book.The asian roots of astrology studied by Cheiro and then organizing it to the best is wat I liked about the book and would say it is a must read as the one line that has stuck onto my consciousness from his book is “the hand is the index of the mind”…which from experience I relize now is so true !!



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