Books on Palmistry & Face Analysis?

Question by some1thatfar: Books on Palmistry & Face Analysis?
can any one pass me some links for detailed websites or torrents for books on Palmistry “Palm analysis” and “Face analysis”. ?

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Answer by fireball226
youre in the wrong section

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  1. handresearch says:

    Hello some1thatfar,

    I have 3 suggestions:

    First, I have studied and researched various aspects of handanalysis (studied 100+ books from all over the world) and the book that comes rightaway in my mind is: “The Benham book of Palmistry” – sometimes described as ‘The bible of Palmistry’.

    Secondly, you can look at

    And my third suggestion concerns my person library of titles:

    (Benham’s book is mentioned at the chapter ‘handanalysis books’)

    Good luck and … have fun!

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